I would like to try Russ Parsons' Dry-Brined Turkey with garlic. would you recommend crushed freah garlic or garlic powder??

Terry Novak


RobertaJ November 19, 2011
My concern for both the lemon zest and the fresh garlic would be that if you sprinkled it over the bird, it would burn in the oven. I think I'd only add them into the cavity. That said, fresh is usually always better than dried/powdered.
Terry N. November 18, 2011
Thank you. I did see that and wanted to use rosemary, thyme, and lemon and add garlic, but was not sure if the moisture in the fresh garlic would change the nature of the dry brine Although, i do see that lemon zest would have moisture also. My inclination is to go with fresh crushed. Thank again, for your prompt response!
francesca G. November 18, 2011
Hi Terry! Check out Step 1 of the recipe, copied here: "You can flavor the salt with herbs and spices if you like -- try smoked paprika and orange zest, bay leaf and thyme, or rosemary and lemon zest. Grind together with the salt in a spice grinder, small food processor, or mortar and pestle." If you think garlic finds a place in that, go for it!
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