A question about a recipe: Faulknerian Family Spice Cake, with Caramel Icing

Hi, I´m going to bake this cake, but I don´t know what "mace" is, I think it´s a spice, but how does it looks?

  • Posted by: pildora
  • November 18, 2011


susan G. November 18, 2011
There are 2 photos on food52 -- http://www.food52.com/foodpickle/3693-i-would-like-to-share-this-picture-nutmeg-maze-and-the-fruit -- and another one -- http://www.food52.com/foodpickle/7411-fresh-nutmeg-mace-being-dried
pildora November 18, 2011
Tanks for fast anwser!. So can I substitute mace with nutmeg?
Kristy M. November 18, 2011
you sure can. and if you pick up some mace in the future, you can always make this cake again using it.
Kristy M. November 18, 2011
Hey there! You're right, mace is a spice. It grows around nutmeg, and has a similar flavor.

Here's a big photo of ground mace: http://www.bulkpeppercorns.com/mace_spice
And here's a photo of mace (and nutmeg) in it's natural state: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Nutmeg_Zanz41.JPG
francesca G. November 18, 2011
Mace is a slightly unusual spice you can order online (we like Kalustyans -- check them out!) -- it's dark-colored and usually sold ground.
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