I made pie dough last weekend and kept it in the refrigerator. Now I'm ready to make apple pie. Is it still good to use?

Does pie crust really go bad or will it just not bake up flaky after a certain amount of time?

  • Posted by: jlyn
  • November 19, 2011


Kyu October 12, 2012
I think as long as it is the same color and consistency as when you first put it in. salted butter and/or salt should keep it well preserved for a few days. I made a pie dough a few days ago, I just took it out to make mini chicken pot pies, and was so dissappointed when I saw grayish/black spots on the outside of the dough! Had to toss it!
gt9 November 19, 2011
I agree...roll, bake and enjoy!
boulangere November 19, 2011
Check the color. If it looks blue-ish, that's mold, and you should (sadly) toss it, the first rule of the kitchen being Kill No One! If not, go right ahead. I've had to toss far too many, so I tend to be aggressive about freezing dough, then pulling to the fridge overnight before I plan to roll and bake it.
jlyn November 19, 2011
great thank you!
francesca G. November 19, 2011
I think it should be fine. Butter would be fine in the fridge that long!
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