Chocolate cream pie, dough crust and cookie crust?

I am making a chocolate cream pie. I want to blind bake a pie crust, and the when it's close to being finished put an Oreo/cookie and butter layer on the bottom, so that it has a regular and cookie crust. Is this going to mess up the dough, or does it sound feasible? Anything I should keep in mind if I'm going to attempt this?

  • Posted by: I
  • November 27, 2013


AntoniaJames November 27, 2013
That's actually recommended by one of the expert bakers who contributed to Food52 recently:

The author does not, apparently, blind bake her crusts for pumpkin or similar pies. For this chocolate cream pie, assuming that the filling is not too liquid-y, I'd probably wing it and press in a ton of cookie crumbs and skip the blind baking. Or I'd press the crumbs into the crust before blind baking. Scattering them around on top of the baked crust, you might just end up with a bunch of crumbs mixed into your filling. (Even binding the cookie crumbs, as if making just a crumb crust, won't help, because it will be removed from the direct heat due to the regular, cooked crust.) Sounds utterly delicious, by the way. ;o)
Lisa R. November 27, 2013
Hi, I! Only one way to find out! You want both the "real" crust and the cookie crust to be crisp and not soggy, right? I suggest blind-baking the pie dough through, then maybe separately toasting the oreo/butter crust in a pan, stirring occasionally, so it becomes a crumble. Then layer that crumble over the cooked pie crust, add the chocolate cream filling, and voila!
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