What's a plausible substitute for sake? I only need a tablespoon....



innoabrd November 6, 2010
Vermouth, if you have it, but I wouldn't run out and buy a bottle just for 1T. Otherwise a bit of white wine should be fine. Mirin might work if it's something you're putting sugar in as well, in which case I'd reduce the sugar slightly. Kind of depends on the dish...
pierino November 5, 2010
I'll join the white vermouth party, but we still don't know what the dish is. Presumably Japanese something...
Mr_Vittles November 5, 2010
I agree that vermouth, dry, not sweet, would do the trick. Although it is not as strong, proof-wise, it will have a similar effect on your dish.
cheese1227 November 5, 2010
Thanks, for the advice. Kayb I live in PA where the state controls all alcohol sales and I can't seem to find any Sake at all!
Kayb November 5, 2010
Vermouth with just a dash of rice wine vinegar in it. Mirin's too sweet. But you can get really cheap sake in really small bottles, so think about that, as well.
healthierkitchen November 5, 2010
I'd probably go with vermouth (unless you have Shao Xing wine in the house?)
cheese1227 November 5, 2010
Thanks all!
gigiaxline November 5, 2010
TiggyBee November 5, 2010
What about mirin, I'm wondering if that would work?
ChefDan November 5, 2010
A dry sherry or white wine should be okay.
aargersi November 5, 2010
if it's only 1 tbs I would just use white wine
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