Can I make this the day before and refrigerate overnight before baking? Trying to get as much done as possible before the big day.

  • Posted by: melissav
  • November 20, 2011
Florentine Fennel Gratin
Recipe question for: Florentine Fennel Gratin


melissav November 21, 2011
Thanks Amanda and AJ. AJ - I love the idea of potato and rosemary focaccia in the stuffing.
AntoniaJames November 20, 2011
I'm planning to do exactly what Amanda suggests (but I'll be making mine on Tuesday evening and not Wednesday, given all of the other things I must do on Wednesday evening). BTW, melissav, funny you should be the one asking this question . . . . today I made the croutons for your outstanding stuffing recipe. Tuesday evening I'll cook the chorizo and veggies. I'll assemble and bake it on Thursday. I made a mashed potato and rosemary focaccia last week which I froze and then cut into cubes this afternoon for the croutons. That sage + rosemary + garlic combination is simply amazing. ;o)
Amanda H. November 20, 2011
With gratins, I tend to par bake them the day before. So if the recipe says to bake for 25 minutes, I'd pull it out at 18 and reheat it the next day. But wonder what AntoniaJames thinks.
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