In the recipe, she uses a cup of cottage cheese for the filling. I am making this for a wide crowd thanksgiving and am concered that the non-disce...

...rning palates will find it bland. Any suggestions? I was thinking of subbing in some goat cheese but am totally new to tartland and am frightened and am not sure how to go about it.

  • Posted by: apsingh
  • November 20, 2011


SallyCan November 22, 2011
I agree, goat cheese would be a fine substitute, and would add nice flavor. Any of the other cheeses Amanda suggested would be good too. No need for crippling fear! Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.
apsingh November 21, 2011
Thank you Amanda, as ever!
Amanda H. November 20, 2011
You could definitely substitute goat cheese here. Also ricotta or farmers cheese. You could also mix half goat cheese and half Greek yogurt. It's more forgiving than you think -- have fun!
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