A question about a recipe: Winter wine cordial

I have a question about the recipe "Winter wine cordial" from Sagegreen. I'm not familiar with "Mirto". What is the flavor profile?

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Winter wine cordial
Recipe question for: Winter wine cordial


Sagegreen November 21, 2011
Mirto rosso made from the myrtle berries is both red and sweet; that is what I have used here. Mirto blanco is made from the leaves. You can order mirto online if yours is one of the states which permits alcohol to be delivered. I love the complexity of it.
drbabs November 21, 2011
It's a Sardinian liqueur made with myrtle berries. Here's a link if you want to make your own (haha). http://honest-food.net/2010/10/30/making-mirto-a-sardinian-liqueur/
Maybe sub elderberry liqueur? Or blackberry brandy?
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