I just made a yeast bread dough, only to find that my oven is not working. Any remedies? I was thinking of jerry-rigging a steamer...

I have a Dacor oven, and this appears to be due to failure of the control panel, which happened once before, about a year ago. We love the stove and had no previous problems. Has anyone had experience with this?

susan g
  • Posted by: susan g
  • November 5, 2010


innoabrd November 6, 2010
My mother's Dacor did this last summer. Took a few days of trying the breaker re-set, but eventually that worked.
pierino November 5, 2010
Another "out there" (maybe way out there) answer might be to make dim sum buns to be steamed over a wok filled with hot water. I have to admit I haven't done it, but I'd be tempted to try before tossing the dough out.
Nora November 5, 2010
I'd go with susan g's idea, try cooking English muffins on a griddle. Otherwise, try freezing the dough. If nothing works, hey, dough's cheap. Get the oven fixed and try again. Sorry about the oven.
susan G. November 5, 2010
Relieved to report that the stove is fixed! By phone the repairman told me to throw the breaker, wait 30 seconds and then reset it. Maybe that will help someone else.
Another thought I had for the dough was to make English muffins. Maybe I'll try a few with a piece of dough. Thanks for the answers -- it's very reassuring to find you out there!
mrslarkin November 5, 2010
I can sympathize with a broken oven! Who knows how long it will take to fix, so I would freeze the dough for future and not take any chances.

But if it were pizza dough, I would recommend grilling it outdoors. It's great!
Mr_Vittles November 5, 2010
The problem with your oven sounds like a job for an electrician. Maybe try cooking the bread in a dutch oven, old school style over a fire. If you can't get your oven fixed I would wrap the dough with plastic wrap, stow it in a bowl, cover the bowl, and keep it in the refrigerator until your oven is fixed. Maybe you'll get sourdough?
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