Heritage Turkey, Dry Brined: Same day roast or overnight slow roast?

Im trying my first heritage turkey this year. She's a small thing weighing in at 7.82 lbs (just enough for our small family of 3). Im currently dry-brining it, but reading too many food blogs, now I'm concerned: should I be roasting it via the high-heat method in Food52's Dry Brine recipe, or slow roasting it for 10-12 hours at 275 degrees that other blogs swear have to happen for heritage turkeys?

  • Posted by: globug
  • November 22, 2011


meganvt01 November 23, 2011
I've done a hertiage turkey for years and always done a high roast. Actually we have used a rotisserie with the best results and that is pretty hot, direct temps.
Greenstuff November 22, 2011
I've seen plenty of advice to cook heritage turkeys at high temperature. In fact, I just googled "slow fast roasting heritage turkeys" and the first page was full of advice to go high rather than low.
Kristen M. November 22, 2011
We didn't try this method on a heritage bird, but it seems like it would be well-suited to them, since they're prone to drying out and the dry-brining protects against that admirably. We don't think that slow-roasting is necessary -- Russ Parsons' recipe only roasts the bird at high heat for 30 minutes and then gets turned down to a more moderate 325. You could consider spatchcocking (aka butterflying) the bird, or just watch the internal temperature of the thighs and breasts closely and if the breast is done too early, you can cut the legs and thighs off and continue roasting them -- no one needs to know!
globug November 23, 2011
Thank you to both who responded. I'll stop stressing out now :) Happy Holidays
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