Turkey registered 170 in thigh, but when cut it looks very pink. Should we go by color or temp?

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Kristen M. November 24, 2011
Great idea -- they're much more tolerant to extra cooking than the breast anyway. Good luck!
mandalins4 November 24, 2011
thanks for your answer! food52 has been so helpful! we did let it rest, and i took a temp from a few spots since our thermometer isn't top of the line - but i still don't trust it (the thermometer). we're going to stick the thighs back in then, they just look too pink to me.
Kristen M. November 24, 2011
Did you let it rest? It should have sat for at least 30 minutes to finish cooking after that temperature reading, so that could help. A little pinkness is okay, but if it looks raw, definitely stick it back in -- it's hard to tell from the photo. (Maybe your thermometer is off or it was touching the bone.) You can also cut off the legs and thighs to keep roasting if you think the breast is done, to keep it from drying out!
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