I'm making grilled mustard chicken tonight, sans grill (http://www.seriouseats...)

Any advice on a cooking time and temp?

  • Posted by: cdachis
  • November 7, 2010


RavensFeast November 8, 2010
I'd suggest cast-iron cooking them if you have one. It's the best way to get super crispy skin, moist chicken. I heat up my cast iron in a 450 degree oven, pull it out, put my chicken skin side down on it (either without any oil or with a thin layer of oil) and put back in oven, reduce heat to 400 degrees. Cook about 10-15 minutes, then check to see if juices run clear. Pull the moment they do.
healthierkitchen November 8, 2010
I would sear the chicken pieces as Mr. Vittles suggests, and then finish in the oven (preheated) on maybe 350 to 400. You want to crisp up the skin and seal in the marinade and juices, but then since it's thighs, they might need a little more time to fully cook.
Geepers November 7, 2010
in a hot pot with some oil -- seer both sides and cover and turn off the heat and let it sit for 10 or so minutes. different stoves cook differently but its the best way to cook chicken pieces i know of. If its not cooked you can turn the heat on until it starts making a good hearty noise again and then shut it off and let it sit some more.
nutcakes November 7, 2010
I think I would broil it to mimic the grill, just turn it frequently. The timing depends on how large the pieces are and if it is on the bone.
Mr_Vittles November 7, 2010
Cooking time should be around 8-10 minutes a side or until the inside temps at 160 deg F. Personally, I would saute them in vegetable oil over medium heat.
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