What is the best way to roast skinless turkey breast and make them juicy and flavorful?

Julia Marroquin


Kenzi W. November 25, 2015
The Torrisi recipe is a great bet. You might also consider braising. Or, do as Ina does, and cook it ahead and then re-warm it in gravy so it stays moist: https://food52.com/blog/11742-ina-garten-s-make-ahead-thanksgiving-advice
Kristen M. November 25, 2015
Dry-brining is a great way to go for a moist juicy bird, even just the breast—you should start now! https://food52.com/recipes/15069-russ-parsons-dry-brined-turkey-a-k-a-the-judy-bird

And I would also cover it with foil for part of the time, and be sure to coat it with butter and olive oil before seasoning.
Julia M. November 25, 2015
Will definetely be dry-brining as I usually do with a whole bird - thanks!
Leslie S. November 25, 2015
Either this: https://food52.com/recipes/20964-stuffed-turkey-breast-marsala-or-poor-man-s-veal
or this!: https://food52.com/recipes/31989-torrisi-s-turkey
Leslie S. November 25, 2015
(The torrisi recipe has a crazy technique that involves saran wrap!)
Julia M. November 25, 2015
Thanks for suggesting the Torrisi recipe, the technique does sound like a great way to keep it moist. Making Thanksgiving dinner for two, and unfortunately my butcher here in Italy only had skinless turkey breast. Thanks for your help!
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