what is your favourite spinach recipe?

I have a bunch that I must cook tonight while it is still fresh!

  • Posted by: DP
  • December 2, 2011


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Spinach is one of our fav family leafy veggie. I know I am too late to share some ideas of using spinach. Saag Paneer is not doubt a good idea. You can even make spinach paranthas - Spinach flatbreads. With spinach flatbreads you can convert them into spinach wraps by stuffing them with some veggies alongwith hummus.
Then , at times I make spinach dal by using moong dal and spinach. It 's a good curry to be enjoyed with rice or rotis. Spinach Veggie rice. Spinach dumplings. I go crazy with spinach. There are so many ideas. lols...Please feel free to ask me detailed recipes if you anyone is interested in the above mentioned recipes.
SKK December 3, 2011
Hope it isn't too late! I love, love all spinach. Recent favorite is from the White House Chef

Executive Chef Cris Comerford's No Cream Creamed Spinach

2 pounds baby spinach, washed and cleaned
2 tablespoons olive oil
4 shallots, minced
2 garlic cloves, minced
Salt and freshly ground pepper

1. Blanch half a pound of spinach in salted, boiling water. Immediately, “shock” the blanched spinach in a bowl of iced water. Drain and squeeze out the excess water. Puree in a blender. Set aside.
2. In a large skillet, sweat the shallots and garlic until translucent. Add the rest of the spinach leaves. Toss and sauté until wilted. Fold in the spinach puree. Season with salt and pepper.

Serves 6.

And yes to everything everyone else says! And to this recipe I add seasonings like red pepper.
DP December 3, 2011
Thanks so much everyone, some really great ideas here!
Wendiamm December 3, 2011
half olive oil and half butter melted in the pan, I then cook the garlic in this mix (I leave the garlic in as I LOVE it!) and then it's up to you; red pepper flakes, maybe sesame seeds or chili oil or whatever you want to use up. Any vegetable suteeed in garlic and oil/butter is a wonderful thing!
boulangere December 2, 2011
amysarah, I'm trying to use the Reply button, but it seems not to be working. All I want to say is YES the the red pepper flakes!
bigpan December 2, 2011
I agree with "tarragon" ... I sauté garlic cloves in olive oil then remove the cloves and sauté the spinach and serve with a sprinkle of fresh pepper and sea salt. Yum.
AntoniaJames December 2, 2011
Merrill's Saag Paneer is one of our favorites. I make double batches and freeze half. I often serve it without the paneer as a side dish. Another recent favorite, which I've been meaning to post, is to use the whey left from making Jennifer Perillo's "Creamy Homemade Ricotta" to make cream of spinach soup. So easy, and so luscious. It's my first course of choice for impromptu dinner parties. I'll post the recipe within the next few days. ;o)
Tarragon December 2, 2011
I just like to saute pine nuts and raisins, and maybe a little garlic, in a little olive oil, then add spinach. Season with salt and pepper,
boulangere December 2, 2011
That's my favorite, too.
amysarah December 2, 2011
My favorite too - although a definite on the garlic, the raisins are often dried currants, and I add a dash of dried red pepper flakes.

But I have to say that on occasion, an old-school creamed spinach, with a pinch of nutmeg, is pretty irresistible. Definitely comfort food.
linzarella December 2, 2011
I love two japanese blanched spinach salads - goma ae and oshitashi. goma ae is spinach with sesame sauce, and oshitashi is spinach with soy sauce, sesame seeds, and bonito flakes. both are great ways to use up a lot of spinach.
vvvanessa December 2, 2011
i'm right there with ya!
vvvanessa December 2, 2011
i love this recipe:


another great way to use up a lot is to puree it until it's pretty much liquified, then mix it into risotto.

Kristy M. December 2, 2011
Paula Wolfert's Herb Jam is one of my favorite ways to use spinach! http://www.food52.com/recipes/14866_paula_wolferts_herb_jam_with_olives_and_lemon
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