A question about a recipe: Scrambled Eggs with Chanterelles and Rosemary

I have a question about the recipe "Scrambled Eggs with Chanterelles and Rosemary" from Treble723. At what point is it recommended to add the chanterelles?

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Treble723 January 20, 2012
Hi gardenchickens!

Wow, hello glaring omission! I just fixed it in the recipe - sdebrango is right - add the mushrooms after removing the garlic and cook until just golden, or to your liking. Thanks!
sdebrango December 3, 2011
I looked at the recipe and there is no clear instruction on how or when to add the mushrooms, it also has no direction on whether or not to cook the mushrooms. I did not post this recipe but if I were making it I would saute the mushrooms in the butter after removing the garlic and when they are done add the eggs. It's possible that this is not how Treble723 intended for it to be done but that is how I would make this recipe. You could always send a message and see if he/she can provide any direction.
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