Change the Way You Cook: Small Change, Big Impact

We could all use a little change—our kitchens included. That’s why we’re taking five essential cooking techniques—from broiling to pan-frying—and getting reacquainted. “Grilling, so nice to see you!” “Oh hey, braising, how’s it going?” Join us for a five-week newsletter with fresh-from-the-oven strategies, ingenious hacks, and ready-to-eat ideas (missed part 1? Click here). Then, scroll down for more tips on creative, curious cooking—plus, shiny, brand-new recipes. Stay in touch with #f52cooking, and let us know how you’re changing it up.

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The Built-In Oven Feature for the Speediest Desserts

Need dessert—right now? No problem. This oven setting preheats fast and cooks even faster.

Call This "One-Grill Wonder" Your New Favorite Weeknight Dinner

Dinner tonight: less fuss, more flavor. Sound too good to be true? Head outside for a hot second—we’ll show you.

A Simple Frying Formula for Golden, Crisp Deliciousness—Every Time

Master golden-brown, crunchy crusts with these tried-and-true techniques, then learn how to make them work with any ingredient.

The Secret to Bigger, Bolder Braises Is Already in Your Pot

A braising cheat sheet: sear, submerge in liquid, simmer away. What liquid, though, is where it gets fun.

A One-Two Punch for Knockout Vegetables

Consider this your vegetables’ trip to the spa. Two quick treatments and they’ll emerge glowy, refreshed, and ready to take on the world.

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The Crunchy-Creamy French Toast We Can't Stop Riffing On

What happens when you cross crème brûlée, French toast, and tres leches cake? A heavenly, 5-ingredient treat—and maybe the best pick-me-up we’ve ever had.

Why We're Marinating Just About Everything in Mayo

These blistery bread hunks and charred squash hunks are two reasons. Easy and adaptable as heck is another.

Make This 30-Minute Braise When There's No Time for Low & Slow

We take a three-hour, milk-braised brisket and flip it on its head for a speedy—and vegan!—dinner.

The Springiest Pasta with Green Peas, So Many Alliums, and All the Herbs

Pasta and frozen peas turn into a weeknight favorite: tangy, bright, and totally customizable.

Beer-Battered Chicken Nuggets Will Ruin You for All Others

A childhood favorite grows up, but still can't quit tater tots (because neither can we).