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Why (and How) to Make Your Desserts Less Sweet

Start seasoning your desserts "to taste"—and never turn back. We're talking winey hot fudge and salty cookies, chili chocolate bark and balsamic butterscotch, and all the simple-but-delicious tricks in between.

How to Flavor-Boost Your Vegetables to Dinner Stardom

Our go-to strategy to enhance any and every vegetable just happens to be one word: umami. Get acquainted with the shortlist of (vegetarian!) ingredients to keep on hand, from tomato paste to mushroom powder.

Put the (Black) Pepper Down! Why Your Salt Wants Some New Friends

Salt and pepper go on a break (not a breakup, just a break) and salt befriends a slew of sassy, spicy counterparts—already in your pantry. Meet: the other peppercorns, our always in-reach chiles, and an everyday wild card.

This Smoky, Spicy Technique is Ready For Its Comeback

Before charring and burning were cool, blackening was cooler. We're throwing back to this '80s obsession and teaching our chicken (and fish and beef and pork and tofu and vegetables) to be bitter—you know, in a good way.

How to Wake Up Sleepy Soups and Stews

That ahhh feeling when you sip some lemonade on a scorching day? Your soup wants in on that, too. Here's how to perk up everything from turkey pho to beet borscht with citrus squeezes—plus creamy dollops, boozy pours, and more.

(Almost) A Week in Meal Planning

We test-drive the first newsletter in our Change The Way You Cook series (sign up at the top of this page!) with one roast chicken that goes the extra mile.

Your meal plan playbook

How to Make Your Freezer Work For You

Your freezer can be a resource for weeknight meals, a hospitable home for sensitive ingredients (like nuts and whole-grain flours), and an ally in your mission to reduce food waste. But can maximizing your freezer really change the way you cook? We give it a try.

Get Your Freeze On

How I Rekindled My Love of Leftovers (and How You Can, Too)

Don’t let your leftovers bore you into submission. Keep them thrilling (yes, we said thrilling!) and on their toes in just 3 steps (okay, with some sub-steps, too). Here's how.

The leftovers lineup

The 3 Simple Tricks That Helped Me Save Time in the Kitchen

Keeping up our cooking motivation as the week wears on can sometimes be hard, but it doesn't have to be. Arm yourself with a few easy-to-follow shortcuts and you'll be a part of the dinner-in-a-jiffy club in no time.

Shortcut Sidekicks

Let Your Pantry Guide You to Mealtime Happiness

How often do you rely on your pantry to get you to dinner? Once a week? Once a month? We tapped ours for four consecutive meals (with a little help of some sturdy kitchen staples) and challenge you to do the same.

The Pantry Payoff

In Search of a Signature Dish to Call My Own

Do you have a signature dish? A culinary masterpiece to call your own? If that sounds like a dream, know that your cooking soulmate specialty is out there. We embarked on a culinary adventure to find it.

Make It Yours

5 Easy Ways to Go Off-Script in the Kitchen

Feeling confident enough to improvise in the kitchen doesn't have to be hard. With practice, lots of tasting, and a good dose of courage, you can master the art of winging it.

Let Loose

A Simple Cooking Technique to Keep My Kitchen Skills (& Shears) Sharp

There are plenty of easy strategies to maintain your newfound cooking skills and avoid a kitchen slump. We tested one out and the results were positive (and crispy!).

Stay on your toes

Kitchen Helpers to get you started