(Little) fish of the sea.

Skipjack tuna may be smaller than regular tuna, but it also has higher levels of omega-3s and lower levels of mercury than other varieties of tuna—you could say it's small, but mighty. These hand-cut fillets are packed in olive oil and flavored with Portuguese piri-piri pepper (also known as African bird's eye chile) for some extra heat. Use the little fillets on top of salads, chopped and added to Mediterranean pastas, and to make (the best) tuna fish salad (that actually tastes like tuna)—and that's just for starters. We have a feeling you won't have any trouble using these pantry staples up.

As an added bonus, each order includes a complimentary 4.25-ounce can of BELA Portuguese sardines in cayenne-infused olive oil. (Limit 1 can per order)