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50 Dressings for Every Salad, Pantry & Whim

March 28, 2017

Acid is one of the essential elements of cooking, so we partnered with Maille to share tips on how to use it in your everyday cooking—like in pantry and clean-out-the-fridge salads.

The difference between a pile of greens and a super, dare-we-say mighty salad is the dressing. Or is it a vinaigrette? What is a vinaigrette, exactly, if it could be a dressing made of vinegar or citrus? Last question: Where did citronette go?

None of these questions matter when you're in search of a really good salad, and therefore dressing, based on whatever smattering of ingredients you have on hand.

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Here are 50 dressings to inspire you and your next salad:

mean mustard

All about those alliums

pucker up with citrus

vinegary vinaigrettes

soy, sesame & fish sauce



wildcards (cheese! bacon! bread!)

We partnered with Maille to share tips for how to add some oomph to your everyday cooking with acid-forward #FlavorHeroes, like their mustard and pickles.

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    Ali Slagle
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Fred April 6, 2017
So many wonderful ideas and flavors. Any chance of getting a single document with all the recipes. What a great reference that would be. Good bedtime reading too.
MaJa March 29, 2017
Hi Ali!
Can you ask Maille when they plan to make their amazing tarragon mustard available in the US? I can't even imagine how tasty it would be as a salad dressing!
Ali S. March 30, 2017
We'll see what we can do :)
HalfPint March 28, 2017
Does anyone know of a sesame wasabi (soy sauce based) dressing/vinaigrette recipe? There was an eatery in San Francisco called Seller's Market and they had an ahi salad with this dressing. The salad was to so gosh-darn good and converted me to raw shiitake mushrooms (which are amazing in both flavor and texture). Anyhoo, Seller's closed both their shops and I can't find a salad that is comparable.