8 Festive Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

April 23, 2014

At heart, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of small victories. It might not have the grand, patriotic trappings of Independence Day or the saturnalian frenzy of Carnival season. In Mexico, it might not even be widely observed outside the state of Puebla, where said victory once took place. But let’s be honest -- we never need much of a reason for a fiesta.

On May 5th, some of us will remember General Zaragoza’s unlikely triumph over the French army. And some of us will just be looking for an excuse to eat more tacos. However you celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we rounded up a bright, festive menu that straddles both sides of the border. Start off with a fresh batch of homemade corn tortillas -- and don’t forget a sunny margarita to wash it all down. Salud!

Margarita by Erika Kotite 

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Corn Tortillas by Happyolks


Cooked Green Salsa by Pati Jinich


Mexican Chicken Noodle Soup by jessie schupack


Fish Tacos on the Grill by Merrill Stubbs


Roberto Santibañez' Classic Guacamole by Genius Recipes


Frozen Bananas Dipped in Mexican Chocolate Ganache and Spicy Honeyed Peanuts by indieculinary


Flans with Muscovado Sauce by Alice Medrich



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Sarah K. April 28, 2014
Just pinned this whole thing...it all looks so good!
Lisa S. April 28, 2014
Glad to hear it, Sarah -- happy cooking!
@SamuelMoore April 23, 2014
We have to make it through Derby Day first! Hot Browns!
Lisa S. April 23, 2014
We could never forget Derby Day -- stay tuned on Friday!