Your Photos: Spring Vegetables

May  1, 2014

Spring comes every year, yet we never cease to be amazed by how such teeny, tiny seeds can grow into artichokes, asparagus, and peas. We hope you never lose your sense of wonder, either.

You've been busy at the market this week, and we want in on the fun. We've already gathered our bags to join you and we're halfway out the door. After all, these spring vegetables won't last long.

        Clockwise from top left, these 'grams come from: thekitchenwitch, julieskitchenlocalhaven, and brooklynsupper.

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          Clockwise from top left, these 'grams come from: linnylot, theroamingkitchen, sandrat212, and bottomofthepot.

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Sarah Jampel

Written by: Sarah Jampel

A (former) student of English, a lover of raisins, a user of comma splices. My spirit animal is an eggplant. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream. For that, I'm sorry.