10 Recipes for the World Cup Kickoff

June 12, 2014

At a time when most soccer (or, as one should say, football) fans are busy obsessing over match times, big screens, and office betting pools, we simply look at the list of FIFA's top-ranked teams and think about the foods they represent. As lithe athletes from all over the world converge in São Paolo, they leave some delicious national cuisines behind. Which is where we come in: to place them in an edible ranking of our own (even if it's not the most culturally authentic).

No matter who we’re rooting for, we can all sit down to the same table and enjoy something delicious. Here, then, are some of the top-ranked teams in this year's tournament -- with recipes to match. 

1. Spain: Spanish Tortilla by Amanda Hesser

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Spanish Tortilla


2. Germany: Hot Dogs with Fake Sauerkraut Relish by Queen Sashy 

Hot Dogs with Fake Sauerkraut Relish


3. Brazil: Blackberry Caipirinha by MissGinsu


4. Portugal: Caul-do Verde (Portuguese Caldo Verde with Cauliflower) by Bogre

Caldo Verde


5. Argentina: Chimichurri Lamb Chops by CoconutsandCardamom

Chimichurri Lamb Chops


6. Switzerland: Aged Cheddar and Pilsner Fondue by darksideofthespoon

Aged Cheddar and Pilsner Fondue


7. Uruguay: Carne Asada con Rajas by Waverly

Carne Asada con Rajas 


8. Italy: Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter by Genius Recipes

Marcella Hazan's Tomato Sauce with Butter and Onion 


9. England: Naughty Rhubarb Scones by Midge

Naughty Rhubarb Scones


10. Greece: Mrs. Z’s Secret Ingredient Baklava by cookbookchick


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    Talia Ralph
I'm a former Food52 Julia Child Food Writing Fellow now studying law so I can make food fairer, more delicious, and more sustainable for everyone. I was born and raised in Montreal (mostly on poutine and matzoh ball soup), but in my heart I am an Italian grandma—I live on pizza and make a mean eggplant parmesan.


HopeinDC June 15, 2014

I have a similar background to you, but have been blessed to be immersed in Ghanaian food and other African food due to my husbands family. I'd love to share some recipes with you - but I am so sick of articles that seem to think only South Americans and Europeans are in the world cup.
Talia R. June 16, 2014
I'd love to hear about some of your Ghanaian recipes! Feel free to e-mail them to me at [email protected].
HopeinDC June 15, 2014
Hey guys - its super super lame that you don't have any African recipes.
pica-ae June 13, 2014
Not to disappoint anyone, but the concept of Sauerkraut on Hot Dogs is something nobody in Germany even knows about. (Even if that recipe is not real Sauerkraut.) I only learned about it when visiting New York.
That said, we do eat Bratwurst with Sauerkraut, only we'd have mashed potatoes with it! Much more German would be Currywurst, grilled or cooked sausage, cut into pieces and covered in spicy Ketchup sprinkled with Curry powder.
Talia R. June 13, 2014
Totally fair point. I'd love to see your Currywurst recipe on the site soon!