3 Things to Pick Up at the Market This Weekend

September 13, 2014

Here at Food52, we like to talk about what we’re buying at the market: what’s new, what’s exciting, the market's best finds. This is our water cooler talk. And now, we want you to join in. 

Concord Grapes

We may be clad in corduroy, and reluctantly grabbing light jackets -- just in case -- but what we're not hesitating about? Heading to the farmers market. Here’s what the Food52 editors can’t wait to pick up this weekend -- and why you should be adding it to your bag, too.

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Concord Grape Smash Cocktail

Concord Grapes
One taste of these intensely flavored grapes and you're sure to want more -- at least that’s the case with Catherine. She tried her very first Concord grape this week (courtesy of Kristen's fire escape), and needless to say, is headed to the market to get more. If you’re crushing on them too, pick up a few clusters to use in a cocktail or bake into a batch of focaccia.

Stock up: You need onions for everything. After all, as Deborah Madison says, “If I’ve run out of onions, I feel at a loss as to how to begin dinner…” But onions aren't just the start of other dishes, we've got 7 ways to make a meal of them, too. 

Pick up some of these un-ripe fruits (yup, we eat them before they reach full maturity) for chilaquiles verdes. Non-meat eaters: Skip the chicken, and eat it with fried eggs and extra cheese. You'll probably want to make sure you have enough tomatillos to make green gazpacho and some salsa verde too.

Tell us: What are you hoping to find at the market this week?

Photos by James Ransom

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[email protected] September 14, 2014
Onions are definitely on my list! In Cyprus it is still hot, but I still find myself craving some autumn-y food. So I always stock up on onions in September to make an onion and red vinegar stew with rabbit. The sweetness of the onions pair beautifully with a salty cheese (we use anari, but I think kefalotyri would work too), served on top of pasta. The cool thing is you can make the stew as light or as heavy as you want, depending on the weather. I am also enjoying Mediterranean figs, tarot root, and passion fruit at the moment!
Diane F. September 14, 2014
I'm grabbing as many tart apples as I can to make apple crisp!