Winner of Your Best Sandwich Recipe

October  2, 2014

Congratulations to mrslarkin, whose Mozzarella in Carrozza with Sundried Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Jam won the contest for Your Best Sandwich Recipe

Describe an early food experience that has influenced the way you think about food and/or cooking.
The love of food and cooking is in my blood. My parents are Italian immigrants and, as you can imagine, they taught me a thing or two about eating well. Food is a celebration to be enjoyed three times a day -- maybe even four, if you count afternoon coffee time with cake and/or cookies. Also, all cooking isn’t meant to be elaborate and complicated. The simplest things can be quite revelatory, like a cheese sandwich.

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What's your least favorite kitchen task?
My least favorite kitchen task is prepping raw chicken breast. It’s just so gross. I’m not sure why I never thought of this before, but wearing latex gloves would probably eliminate this problem for me.

Your favorite kitchen tool? 
My hands.


What is your idea of comfort food?
That depends on what kind of comfort I’m looking for. If I’m in the weeds? I can dessimate a whole bag of pork rinds in 5 seconds flat. Under the weather? A big bowl of ramen or chicken noodle soup might do the trick. PMS? Jar of Nutella and a spoon. 99 problems? Bulleit Bourbon.

What is your greatest kitchen disaster?
I burn stuff quite regularly. 

Coffee cake picture by Mark Weinberg, kitchen photos by mrslarkin, all others by James Ransom

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nannydeb October 6, 2014
Congrats mrslarkin!
mcs3000 October 4, 2014
Yay! Super interview! Love your recipes. Excited to make this one.
QueenSashy October 3, 2014
Bravo! I had no doubts in my mind about this one...
EmilyC October 3, 2014
Congrats Liz! Can't wait to try this! That handwritten note from your daughter is pretty precious!
calendargirl October 2, 2014
Brava, brava, Liz! What a terrific concoction. Love the Berea College wares. I have a beautiful broom of theirs.
mrslarkin October 3, 2014
Thank you so much!! I love Berea stuff. The brooms!! Want their mugs, and their furniture is just gorgeous, too. Very talented kids.
drbabs October 2, 2014
Huge congratulations, pal of mine! I can't wait to make this. I'm so happy for you!
mrslarkin October 3, 2014
Thanks, Barbara!! I think you'll love it.
mrslarkin October 2, 2014
Thanks, you guys!!! I hope you all give it a try. It's super delicious.

Gingerroot, haven't tried the Bulleit Rye. Must rectify this immediately!
gingerroot October 2, 2014
Yipeee! Congrats, Liz!! Love your q & a - especially your situation specific comfort foods. I'm all over your answer to 99 problems, haha (have you tried Bulleit Rye? I'm usually not a rye girl, but prefer it to their bourbon)
ChefJune October 2, 2014
When I saw this recipe I just smiled and said YES out loud. Might have to make that this weekend...
Congratulations, Liz!
healthierkitchen October 2, 2014
Another great recipe!!
hardlikearmour October 2, 2014
Congratulations! You sure have a way with cheese sandwiches!
mrslarkin October 2, 2014
Thanks, Sara! Haha, I have crazy cheese sandwich skillz.
aargersi October 2, 2014
WELL DONE Mrs. L! I am stealing your paper towel and rolling pin hanging idea in the kitchen
mrslarkin October 2, 2014
Thanks, Abbie!!! I have to hang things for lack of counter space. I got it from the Berea College Crafts catalog. The rolling pin and heart hanger came from there, too. They make all kinds of great stuff.