What Does "Anna" Mean?

October 21, 2014

On Monday, we kicked off our sixth video series with Panna, a subscription cooking app and website dedicated to sharing recipes from master chefs in HD video -- and we showed previews for our sixth issue, in which Amanda and Merrill make mrsp's Sweet Potatoes Anna with Prunes.

Today, we're sharing bonus footage: Amanda and Merrill shed some light on what exactly makes a dish "Anna". 

Interested in seeing the Sweet Potatoes Anna come together? Watch the full-length video from Issue 13 on Panna's website, and stay tuned for more videos and tips later this week. 

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    Douglas Boyce
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Kate Snider

Written by: Kate Snider


Douglas B. October 22, 2014
licked the serving dish opps
Douglas B. October 22, 2014
I do not care what this dish is called. i made it for thanksgiving last year and people liked the serving dish it was soooooooo GOOOODDDDDD !
AntoniaJames October 21, 2014
But why are they called "Anna"? According to this source,

"The dish is generally credited with having been created during the time of Napoleon III by the chef Adolphe Dugléré, a pupil of Carême, when Dugléré was head chef at the Café Anglais, the leading Paris restaurant of the 19th century, where he reputedly named the dish for one of the grandes cocottes of the period. There is disagreement about which beauty the dish was named after: the actress Dame Judic (real name: Anna Damiens), or Anna DesLions." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pommes_Anna (citation omitted) ;o)
amysarah October 21, 2014
Potatoes Anna was one of my mother's party dishes. Until I was much older than it's embarrassing to admit, I thought she invented it and named it after our babysitter, Anna. I'm sticking with that story ;)