13 Recipes to Make While It's Still Fall

November  3, 2014

Your browser is so crowded with tabs that every time you open the computer you're reminded of all the recipes you told yourself you'd make before fall turned to winter. But now the days are shrinking; soon the apples will be smushed on the ground and squash will be boring. So what are you waiting for?

Seize the day! There's no time like the present. If not now, when? Carpe diem. Now or never. Just do it. There's no day like today. That is all to say: Don't let fall pass you by without making at least one of these recipes. 

Caramelized Butternut Squash Wedges with a Sage Hazelnut Pesto by melissav

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Oven Butternut Squash Risotto by Jacky


Apple Cheddar Muffins by fiveandspice


Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes by Gena Hamshaw


Brussels Sprouts and Chickpeas by Nicholas Day


Roasted Sweet Potato and Apple with Pearl Onion and Crispy Sage by Kendra Vaculin



ABC Kitchen's Butternut Squash on Toast by Kenzi Wilbur


Dashi Braised Kabocha Squash by savorthis


Apple Peel Bourbon by Marian Bull


Roasted Squash, Brussels Sprout, and Bread Stuffing with Apples by Gena Hamshaw


Autumn Apple and Pumpkin Galette by A Local Choice


Butternut Squash Scones by mrslarkin


Roasted Pear and Rainbow Chard Salad by Elizabeth Stark

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Miha P. November 5, 2014
I am not sure if this is an American thing but autumn is so much more than just pumpkin! Don't get me wrong - pumpkins are great and extremely versatile - but let's not forget about other seasonal delights such as chestnuts, wild mushrooms, root veg etc.
Catherine L. November 3, 2014