Watch How to Make Avocado Pesto

May  3, 2015

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Today: What do you do when an avocado has just about passed its prime? KatieQ turns a browning avocado into pesto.


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The moment when you eagerly cut open an avocado, only to find that it's started to turn brown, can be tragic. But KatieQ has a solution: With the help of her friend, Clare, the two blend avocado with basil, olive oil, and lemon to make a pesto like you've never seen it. Mix it with the noodle of your choice, top with cheese, and you've got yourself a delicious meal. You'll never let another avocado go to waste again.

What creative things have you done with pesto?

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    Chris Williams
Jaime Brockway

Written by: Jaime Brockway

Polenta, mac and cheese, farmers' market breakfasts, smoky food & drink. These are a few of my favorite things. I was an editorial intern @Food52 in 2015!


al W. May 4, 2015
Doesn't need extra oil, surely!!
chris May 3, 2015
... but, but, browning avocados have a weird, not-pleasing flavor.
Do the basil and lemon overpower that issue? Also, are you eating it hot, or cold, with the soba noodles?
Chris W. May 3, 2015
I'm here crying tears of joy and hunger. Thank you so much!