5 Smart Uses for Chive Blossoms

May  8, 2015

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chive blossoms

A perk of fresh chives is the bonus of cheery, purple flowers that not only look good but are tasty, too. Over on the Hotline, jessicamclement shared that she's growing chives; now she wonders what to do with the blossoms. You all came up with 5 great ideas:

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1) Make chive blossom butter, as lastnightsdinner likes to do.
2) Put little bunches of the blossoms in bud vases, says SMSF.
3) Use them as a garnish on simple pasta dishes. PieceOfLayerCake suggests cacio e pepe.
4) Try a springtime omelet with chopped chives and chive blossoms, says luvcookbooks.
5) Lightly grill them and serve them alongside a steak, as aargersi does.

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Claudia |. May 12, 2015
I infused them in white vinegar to get an onionly, delicate salad seasoning:
sfefyfas May 8, 2015
I grow chives every year but once was told not to allow them to flower. Point was that the chives with flowers had less chive flavor.

Thoughts ? Have I been wasting my time all of these years ?
Lindsay-Jean H. May 8, 2015
True, it depends on how big your patch is. I don't use the chive leaf/stem that each flower is on, because it's woodier, but I have a lot, so I don't mind letting mine go to flower because 1) I love the flowers so much, and 2) it's not like every leaf flowers, so there are still plenty of chive leaves to take advantage of.
Hanna K. May 8, 2015
Chive Blossoms are insanely beautiful...I never knew they existed until reading this post! Thanks Lindsay!
Lindsay-Jean H. May 8, 2015
Yay, hope you procure some soon!