5 Kids' Lunches for Toting to Camp

July 25, 2016

If your kids go to summer camp, or if you attended camp as a child, you know that it can make the summer schedule a little wacky. Between vacations and summer camps and everything else that needs to happen daily, the weeks pass quickly and strangely—not to mention how hard it is to think up (sort of) interesting, (mostly) healthy lunches for kids who are running around in the heat all day. Especially when peanut butter, champion of the empty pantry, isn't allowed at many camps.

Fear not! Amanda's kids are in summer camp, too. And since this week is Summer Camp Week, we're looking back at 5 camp- (and office-) friendly lunches with 5 ingredients or fewer that will have you flexing your leftover and pantry muscles.

Tomato and cream cheese sandwiches 

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Tomato and cream cheese sandwiches


Single-serving tuna niçoise 



An ever-so-slightly gussied-up ham and butter sandwich



A salad for "beet"-ing the heat



Basil BLTs


Photos by Amanda Hesser

For more inspiration, check out some of Amanda's kids' past lunches.

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