8 Easy Recipes (and a Playlist) for the Beach

We partnered with Food Should Taste Good to share our favorite recipes to pair with your weekend adventures (and a playlist to take along too). Today, it's dips to snack on in between dips in the ocean.

You're headed to the beach—lucky you! We're jealous, to say the least, of the waves and sunshine you'll soon be surrounded by. And of all the beachy foods best eaten while sitting on a towel and trying to avoid ingesting sand.

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But wait, what do you pack? Let's go with Middle Eastern. Spice and sand just make sense (especially alliteration-wise). We're thinking muhammara and baba ganoush, and it'd also be wise to make room in your cooler for hummus sandwiches, minty kale salad, and sautéed dates. Here's the full menu: 

Of course, surf and sand are that much better with a lineup of get-on-island-time music, so here's your beach day playlist: 

Photos by Alpha Smoot, James Ransom, and Mark Weinberg

Food Should Taste Good Lime chips are made with real lime juice and sea salt—and make a good companion to this muhammara. We're packing them up for all of our weekend adventures, so see all of their tortilla chips here.

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I fall in love with every sandwich I ever meet.

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sexyLAMBCHOPx July 2, 2017
I love Zebra. They were our hometown band in Long Island!