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Too Many Cooks: Hoarders Edition

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Do you have a drawer of dishtowels so packed that you can barely open it? A veritable tower of canned beans on your pantry shelves? Jar after jar after jar of ground cinnamon? You are not alone. This week, we asked the team: What kitchen things do you just have to have, even when you know you already have enough? 

Taylor: I always pick up coffee wherever I travel—a canister of Café du Monde, espresso, blonde roasts, dark roast, Viennese-style coffees. I have 2 to 3 cans of instant coffee in the freezer to cook with, Turkish coffee and Moroccan coffee to drink in the afternoon... You get the picture. 

Jackie: I seem to collect sugar. Raw sugar, refined sugar, confectioners sugar, light brown sugar, dark brown sugar, and even flavored sugar, which I use when I make homemade marshmallows

Hillary: I recently cleaned my fridge and found that I have 12 types of nut butters (including 6 different kinds of peanut butter)—who am I? I like nut butter, but honestly have no idea how I acquired so many types. Please send help.

Catherine: JAM. I have so much jam. I just keep buying it or getting it as a gift. I can't stop. 

Micki: My boyfriend made me count the number of salt varieties we had in our cabinets last week. I think the count was over 10? Lavender salt, truffle salt, fleur de sel, grey salt, kosher salt, magic unicorn salt, the list goes on... I blame the office giveaway table.

Merrill: This will be no surprise to many of you: crackers, crackers, and more crackers. #allthecrackers (I need something to go with my #backupcheese!)

Jane W.: Welcome to my fridge, The Cheese Museum. Merrill, if you ever find yourself in a #backupcheese windfall, I will gladly accept an in-kind donation. 

Merrill: There's no such thing, Jane.

Amanda H.: Spice containers and plastic containers—just in case someone suddenly sends me 157 things I need to store. I have boxes filled with empty "backup" containers in our closet. 

Riddley: My name is Riddley and I have a pasta problem. Seriously, I cannot help myself from buying pasta whenever I go to the store. My justification is that 1. I love pasta, and 2. Different sauces need different shapes, so I might as well keep as many different kinds of noodles around as possible. 

Lauren L.: Now that I have completed The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, nothing. But really, jars. All. Of. The. Jars. I have a whole cabinet of jars for use in possible future special projects. Big, small, wide, narrow, old, new. And they spark joy, so there.

Olivia: Pretty sure I could fill a bathtub with the amount of Le Puy lentils I amass.

Which kitchen items do you seem to amass? Come clean in the comments.

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