Our 9 Best Turkey Strategies (You Only Have to Pick One)

November  4, 2015

If you're ordering a turkey for Thanksgiving, you're probably already thinking about how you're going to prepare it, how many people there will be to feed, and what you're going to serve alongside it. Whether the ceremonial bird is your Achilles' heel or your pride and joy, it's time to get going on it. Here are 9 of our favorite ways to make a great turkey—from a Bill Nye-worthy baking process to the best way to make the most of a smaller-than-standard oven.

If you want to dry brine (and don't want to wait to start the brining until the bird is thawed):

Russ Parson's Dry-Brined Turkey (a.k.a. The Judy Bird) by Genius Recipes

Judy bird

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If this is the year you deep-fry your turkey:

Deep-Fried Turkey by Paul Longton



If you can't not have bacon:

Bacon Bird with Turkey Neck Gravy by aargersi



If you have no patience for basting:

Butter and Herb Roast Turkey by sdebrango

herb turkey 


If you have a small oven (or not a lot of time to do the roasting):

Spatchcocked Roast Turkey by AntoniaJames



If you only have a few people coming for dinner:

Stuffed Turkey Breast Marsala (or Poor Man's Veal) by thirschfeld



If you want to get it all out of the way the day before:

Slow-Roasted Turkey by erinmcdowell



If you love science experiments (and the breast meat):

Torrisi's Turkey by Genius Recipes

Torrisi's turkey


If you just want something simple:

Herb-Rubbed Roast Turkey by Sarah (The Yellow House)


What's the craziest turkey-cooking story you have? Tell it in the comments. 

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    Caroline Lange
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DrPat November 9, 2015
It would have to be this one: a beautiful Thanksgiving afternoon in our Northern California country kitchen - the table set with the 100 year old family crystal and China, the guests assembled around the long table, having happily finished the mushroom soup starter and my brother in law's homemade breads, all heads turned to the cooking end of the kitchen as I approached the table with the gorgeous, huge, roasted turkey - which then slid entirely off the platter and onto the tiled floor. Gasps. One deep breath as I scooped it up back onto the platter, someone clapped and then everyone did as I began to carve. I smiled and quoted Julia Child: "Who's to know?!"
Author Comment
Caroline L. November 9, 2015
WOW—whatta story. thank you for sharing this, drpat!