Lots of Easy-As-Pie Apple Cake—and Other Recipes You're Cooking from Our Books

November  9, 2015

You have been busy cooking and baking from our new books! Below are some highlights we found (the Easy-as-Pie Apple Cake is Ms. Popular). Post your photo(s) on Instagram with the hashtag #f52bookclub and we'll continue to post the funniest, happiest ones here!

honey pecan cake: sticky, sweet, delicate and airy.

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Honey Pecan Cake from Baking

Easy-as-Pie Apple Cake from Baking

Cheese Crispettes from Baking

Easy-as-Pie Apple Cake from Baking

Cashew Milk from Vegan

Hippie Crispy Treats from Baking

Brown Sugar Shortbread from Baking

Bestest Banana Bread from Baking

Apple Brown Betty with Cookie Crumbs. (sempre era doce!!)

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Apple Brown Betty with Gingersnap Crumbs from Baking

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mrslarkin November 10, 2015
Hooray for the Easy-As-Pie Apple Cake!!