How to Cook Your Way to the Creamiest, Crunchiest Thanksgiving Potatoes

November 19, 2015

Potatoes are one of the few ingredients that star in more than one dish on the Thanksgiving table. They have real estate, and that's something we (New York residents) know the value of.

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Before you make an investment in a potato recipe or four and get out that stock pot and peeler, take a look at these articles below (hover over the images to see the story, then click!) and then whip up your best Thanksgiving potatoes.

A potato is a potato, right? Wrong!

These four articles go to show that there is more to a potato than rounded, starchy goodness—get to the root of everyone's favorite root, learn the best way to store them, find new ways to get the most bang from your buck, and figure out how to match recipes to the potatoes that suit them best.

Do the mash.

Unlock the secrets to perfectly mashed potatoes: Get some tips for a perfect mash, work on a strategy, toss your recipes out the window, and get to know (and perhaps fall in love with) the potato ricer.

Variations on a theme. (It’s potatoes, guys. The theme is potatoes.)

Let's face it—there are more potato dishes you love than you have space for on your table. Not to make it harder for you, but here are a few amazing potato dishes to consider: potato salad, otatoes à la Lyonnaise, potatoes gratin (with an explainer, in case you, like us, had a hard time figuring out what exactly a gratin is), and 18 ways to switch up your selection of spuds.

Scrappy Do's

Turn leftovers into bestovers: a twist on shepherd's pie, fried potato scallion cakes, loaded waffles, and a soup that will help you use up some of that extra turkey, too.

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