Your Favorite Desserts Get The Pie Treatment

November 13, 2015

This week, Erin McDowell brought us one of the most brilliant ideas this pie-loving bunch has ever known: She turned some of our favorite desserts into pies.

Riffing on fancy pants chocolates, seasonal flavors, cult-favorite cookies, timeless combos, and classic custards, Erin found the easiest and most delicious way of taking a tried-and-true dessert to the next level—put a crust on it!

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Ferrero Rocher-Style Pie

ferrero rocher-style pie


Cider Cheesecake Pie

cider cheesecake pie


Mallomar Pie

mallowmar pie


Peanut Butter and Jelly Pie

peanut butter and jelly pie


Crême Brûlée Pie

creme brulee pie

And in case you were wondering: yes, taste-testing was rough—but don't worry, we got the job done.


Photos by Alpha Smoot

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  • em-i-lis
Gabi Benedit

Written by: Gabi Benedit

domestic dilettante.


MARGARITA November 16, 2015
I will go for the creme brulee
em-i-lis November 13, 2015
Ooh, wow, on the mallomar and creme brûlée pies! Gorgeous!