Quiz: What Should You Make for Thanksgiving?

November 18, 2015

Are you stuck between a turkey and a hard place when it comes to deciding what to make for Thanksgiving dinner this year? Take this quiz (keeping track of the letters you choose along the way!) to find out what you should cook for the Big Dinner this year:

Let's get this Thanksgiving rolling. Photo by Bobbi Lin

1. You have some strong feelings about big grocery hauls. Here’s how you cope with those mega-lists:

  1. I channel Julia Child and her daily trips to the market.
  2. It comes along with cooking for my whole family—and their families (and sometimes friends, too).
  3. As long as I can get it all done a day before—turkey ordering included—they’re alright by me.
  4. It’s all fine and good by me—I just hope they don’t run out of tempeh again this year.
  5. Everything got better as soon as I cut mashed potatoes from the menu—no more hauling potatoes home just because they’re “classic.”
  6. Someone heli-vac me to a Chinese restaurant for some takeout.

2. What do you do for your Thanksgiving table settings?

  1. No elaborate settings—I let the dry-brined turkey and (real) pumpkin pie speak for themselves!
  2. I set out some table crafts the day-of so that the dozen-or-so children running around my house have something to do—that’s my only table setting!
  3. Can these table settings be done in 5 minutes or less? If so, I’m in.
  4. We’re making tofurkey hands in my house for this year's table.
  5. We’re thinking a fern garland or minimalist gourd centerpiece this year.
  6. I put down plates with forks next to them (and napkins if we’re feeling fancy).
If this turkey is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, skip the quiz and head to "Mostly A." Photo by Bobbi Lin

3. What is the conversation most likely to be about around your Thanksgiving table this year?

  1. Well, first we’ll go around and say What We’re All Thankful For—and then the discussion will turn to the turkey, of course!
  2. It’s less of "a conversation” than thirty conversations going on at once.
  3. How busy we all are—and how happy we are that we found a few hours to spend together!
  4. Animal rights, dog adoption, the merits of tofurkey, the merits of farro—among other things!
  5. How much better gratin is than mashed potatoes (Okay, both are delicious, but we're trying something new!).
  6. I guess whatever we normally talk about over the dinner table!

4. What are you most thankful for this year?

  1. The beautiful pecan and pumpkin pies I get to eat after the turkey!
  2. For the nieces, nephews, aunts, cousins, parents, grandparents, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends-of-friends (and friends-of-friends’ pets) I have surrounding my table each year.
  3. The fact that I was able to pull it all off.
  4. Gluten-free pasta and meat substitutes.
  5. Spontaneous trips, fresh starts, and a brand-new year coming up!
  6. The fact that we’re closer to being done with the holidays than we have been all year!
Photo by James Ransom

5. What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

  1. Carving the turkey at the head of the table as soon as everyone sits for dinner.
  2. When everyone at my table whips the cream for one whip to make whipped cream by the time it gets all the way around (yes, there are that many people at my table).
  3. Setting the table together on Thursday morning (also known as my strategy for getting the table set when I don’t have time to do it myself!).
  4. Honestly, it’s rewarding enough when I’ve made sure I've covered everyone’s dietary restrictions (Does that count as a tradition?).
  5. Who needs traditions? Change is good!
  6. Being with family and friends and skipping turkey for the 15th year in a row!

Here's what you should cook for Thanksgiving this year:

Mostly A: You're a classic, by-the-Thanksgiving-books kind of cook. In case you don't already have your own family recipes, passed down over generations (we're assuming you might have a few!), look to timeless favorites for your menu.

Mostly B: You have a full house—and by full, we mean bursting at the seams with relatives and loved ones. Here's what to cook for them all, without going crazy yourself!

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Mostly C: So you don't have a lot of time to cook—but you can still pull off an amazing dinner! All you need is Wednesday evening and a few hours to pop the turkey in on Thursday morning. Here's how to do it.

Mostly D: Either you're vegan, your daughter's boyfriend is gluten-free, or your wife just found out she's allergic to turkey. Have no fear! Here's a menu for all dietary restrictions and needs.

Mostly E: You're striking out from the tyranny of the turkey and forging through with new classics. Here's a menu full of updated dishes—that are still recognizably Thanksgiving-y.

Mostly F: You've had it up to here with turkey—in other words, you're sick and tired of Thanksgiving. Might we suggest an Italian feast instead?

Did our quiz help you decide what to cook this year? Was our quiz "science" totally incorrect? Tell us in the comments below!

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