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The Three-Ingredient Indian Fudge to Gift All Season

October 30, 2015

This is a fairly ancient Gujarati sweet, traditionally made using fresh coconut and milk that has been reduced for hours.

As coconut trees don't readily grow where I live now, and there's no need to spend hours reducing your own milk, we make this with desiccated coconut and condensed milk—two readily available pantry ingredients.

Photo by David Loftus

What's even more satisfying is that the fudge can be made within minutes (depending on your ball-rolling skills) and looks impressive, so it will stand you in good stead for last-minute dinners, bring-a-thing to work days, picnics, bribes, and village fête offerings.

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Excerpted from Made in India (Flatiron Books 2015).

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Author of "Made in India" (Flatiron Books 2015).

1 Comment

Annada R. December 4, 2015
This recipe is such a flash of nostalgia as I grew up in Mumbai amongst Gujarati people. However isn't it "Kopra Pak" and not "Topra Pak?"