16 Slightly Sweet Treats for the Sweetest Time of the Year

November 27, 2015

The holiday season is arguably the sweetest time of the year—there are pies to be had, steamed puddings, and fruitcakes, so many cookies we can't keep count. And as much as we love it , it can all become a little overwhelmingly sweet by the time mid-December rolls around.

But every single one of these baked goods is made with just one cup of sugar or less, so you can fully appreciate the rest of each treat's flavors (persimmon! honey! nuts!). (Want to use even less? Just follow Alice Medrich's rules for adapting recipes.)

Low-Sugar Oatmeal Raisin Cranberry Cookies by Joanne Chang

Photo by James Ransom

Muscovado Sugar Cookies by Ashley Rodriguez

Photo by Ashley Rodriguez

Bread Pudding by Catherine Lamb

Photo by James Ransom

Pear-Maple Tarte Tatin by Joanne Chang

Photo by Joseph DeLeo

Maple Persimmon Upside-Down Cake with Maple Cream by vvvanessa

Photo by James Ransom

Coffee Meringues by drbabs

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Anna Jones' Seeded Banana Bread with Lemon Sesame Drizzle by The Curious Pear

Photo by Issy Croker

Honey-Almond Sesame Cookies by OliveandPearl's

Photo by James Ransom

Roll-Out Sugar Cookies by erinmcdowell

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Rustic French Honey Cake by thirschfeld

Photo by thirschfeld

Honey Cashew Morning Buns by Joanne Chang

Photo by Joseph DeLeo

What's your go-to sweet-but-not-too-sweet sweet?