8 Soups and Toddies that Will Save Your Sick Day

December 16, 2015

Rudolph is probably my favorite holiday character. He's adorable, with that glowing red nose and cute little fuzzy ears. But do you know what's not adorable? When you wake up looking like Rudolph, only your red nose isn't going to light up anyone's foggy Christmas Eve. Instead, you're stuck feeling like some sort of tissue-hoarding Grinch as your coworkers are busy brimming with holiday cheer. Thankfully, there are plenty of warm and delicious things to whip up and drink right from a mug, so drink up—and settle in with your Rudolph-sniffles on the couch, tucked under a blanket (or five) while you watch your favorite holiday movie.

Make yourself a big pot of soup (and go heavy on the broth).

Chicken Soup with Onions and Garlic for the Endless Winter by Nicolas Day

Joanne Chang's Hot and Sour Soup by Genius Recipes

Hot Honey Butternut Squash Soup by Corinne Cuozzo

Barbara Lynch's Spicy Tomato Soup by Genius Recipes

Whip up a hot toddy, just like the doctor ordered.

Dirty Chai Toddy by gingerroot

Photo by Nicole Franzen

Hot Toddy with Dried Cherries and Lime by Amanda Hesser

Kentucky Hot Toddy by Table9

Photo by James Ransom

Or, follow these instructions to make your own hot toddy concoction. Get well soon!

What are your favorite warm and cozy dishes for kicking a cold (asking for a friend)? Tell us in the comments!

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Nikki G. December 28, 2015
I was going to say the same thing as Julia! This was stolen word for word under another authors name
Taylor R. December 28, 2015
Thanks for noticing-Catherine's from F52, and she is our buzzfeed queen. So it's all good!
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Just so you know, buzzfeed stole this directly: