Here's What You've Wished for—and Been Granted!—from #dearfood52

December 17, 2015

This month we wanted to share the magic of the holidays with the entire Food52 community. In that spirit, we've been giving away one product a day to anyone who shares a Food52 goodie on social—Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram—with the hashtag #dearfood52. And there's still time for you to make your wish (and for it to be granted)!

So far, we've given 7 great gifts to 7 great community members. Here's what they've wished for:

PieBox by PieBox

@dcwu74 wrote:

#DearFood52 this pie box is way prettier than the cardboard boxes I snag from the recycling bin to transport pies.

We couldn't agree more!

Photo by Bobbi Lin
Photo by Rocky Luten

Glass & Oak Simple Storage Container (Medium) by Hawkins New York

@Sjhavas's wish for a medium Glass & Oak Simple Storage Container was our command!

Jadeite Glass Juicer by Mosser Glass

@elysebakes wasn't juicing... I mean, joking around:

On the wish list! #dearfood52 @food52

One wish list item down!

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Mini Hidden Quote Pie Plate Set of 2 by Designs by Kace

@pooja_a gushed over these li'l guys:

Tell me these aren't the CUTEST LITTLE THINGS! #dearfood52!!!! #f52grams

And now they're hers—for keeps!

Vegan & Baking Cookbook Set by Food52

@RReb4R had a hard time choosing:

@Food52 #dearfood52 everything. But I love my Vegan and Dessert cookbooks. I also bought the fermentation crock as a Christmas gift.

Now she doesn't have to!

Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup by Mikuni Wild Harvest

@risaeats1960 was all about the condiments this season:

@Food52 #dearfood52 I've got my eyes on the the DIY hot Sauce kit and the Bourbon Maple Syrup.

By the new year, she'll be taking her pancakes to the next level!

Photo by Alpha Smoot

Vintage Soup Spoons (Set of 2) by Milk & Honey

@rusticjoyfulfood can't get enough of her vintage spoons:

My vintage silver soup spoons came from @food52 today! We are doing a crazy delicious soup story for a JANUARY magazine spread and I needed extra special spoons. You know what is so special? They picked a spoon with the letter K on it. How wonderful! I didn't even have to ask, they just did that, no two vintage silver spoons are alike! Thank you #food52

Now she gets to add two more to her collection!

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You still have time! Post to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with a goodie of your dreams and the tag #dearfood52 for a chance to win! What do you wish for?

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Niknud December 17, 2015
#dearfood52, do you have anything in your magical shop that can help me take a picture of lentil soup without having look like a bowl of brown sludge? How can something so delicious end up looking so unappetizing? It's one of the great tragedies in my life. #firstworldproblems