11 Reasons Not to Toss Your Post-Holiday Candy Canes

December 28, 2015

When my parents were first married, they kept their first Christmas tree, trimmed, on their unheated porch until March, and then hosted a Procrastinators' First Annual Christmas Party. You may do as my parents did (Procrastinators' Second Annual Christmas Party invitation still, ahem, forthcoming), or you might consider taking your tree down a bit sooner—but either way, you'll need something to do with all the candy canes you pull off the branches. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Peppermint patties! Photo by Angela Brown
Salty-creamy-minty-sweet cookies. Photo by Ashley Rodriguez
  • Fold crushed candies into a batch of white chocolate chip cookie dough.
  • Or sprinkle onto a dot of chocolate ganache over a sable cookie.
  • Make meringues! Either fold the broken candy canes into the meringue before baking, or dip the baked meringues in chocolate and roll in the candy.
  • Use the whole candy cane as a stirrer for hot chocolate (or a mocha—it's the holidays, after all).

What's the best way you've found to use up candy canes? (Alternatively, have you taken your tree down yet?) Tell us in the comments.

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