How to Spend a Snow Day (Not Including Sledding)

January 20, 2016

Snow in the forecast makes me feel immediately like a little kid. I want to practice all the winter-weather rituals I kept up well into high school, hoping to invoke the snow day gods: pajamas on inside-out (and backwards), a wooden spoon under the pillows, fingers and toes crossed. Maybe, just maybe, if I do all these things, snow day—my old friend!—will come, and with it will come old movies, soup for lunch, and a lazy morning reading in bed.

The stuff snow-day dreams are made of. Photo by Mark Weinberg

If the skies cooperate, here's what I'll be getting up to while the snow falls:

Eating breakfast in bed

Doing some crafting

Spending the afternoon reading (and cozied up)

Doing some time-intensive cooking

Lingering at the table

Tell us about your dream snow day. Go all out in the comments.