Your Monday Lunch Break Reading List

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Your Monday Lunch Break Reading List

January 25, 2016

Busy (snowy) weekend? Catch up on some of our favorite stories from the weekend.


  • Did you spend your snow day cleaning out the cupboards? In case you did, we gathered the best tips for using up all that vinegar you probably had stashed away.
  • Or maybe you spent the snowy weekend planning your game day gathering! We helped with that too, giving you a football feast menu to root for.



  • Not sure about where you are, but the week started on a really cold note at the Food52 office. So Leslie shared the best recipe to warm us up.
  • Caroline told us how to use up the rest of those alternative flours you have stashed in the back of your cupboard.
  • Annie made the case for using dried beans.
  • And in case you were wondering—yeah, you can piccata that.


  • We investigated the best (and silliest) ways to pit an olive.
  • And bumped up your bagel skills.
  • Then we showed you how to make your sweets even better.
  • And we are officially calling it: We are obsessed with these candles.


  • We investigated whether or not expensive cinnamon is worth the price.
  • Overwhelmed by all the organizing in 2016? Us too, so we showed you how to declutter your space in a mere matter of minutes.
  • Test Kitchen Chef Josh Cohen changed the way we think about grain salads.
  • And all our pasta dreams came true.


  • With a massive snowstorm headed our way, we consulted some vintage A&M to learn how to make some great snacks.
  • And also taught you about a great warming meal.
  • Caroline told us why we should worry about this wacky winter anyway.
  • In case you play the stock market, we rounded up some serious slumpy foods to help you through the slide.


  • In anticipation of a weekend blizzard, we rounded up some DIY projects you can actually get done.
  • And since you'll be stuck inside wishing it was spring anyway, we showed you how to make Girl Scout cookies at home.
  • For something a bit more fancy-pants, Erin showed us how to make a classy dessert too.
  • But even though there was snow headed our way, it turns out January 22nd is historically the hottest day of the year.

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Written by: Sarah E Daniels

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