A Haiku or Two, on Diners

January 30, 2016

Our thoughts on food and cooking
in seventeen beats.

Photo by fiveandspice

I thought I knew eggs,
'til I went to a diner.
Sunny-side up and greasy.

Sarah J.:
no frills or false airs.
the plainer the better. cheap,
with crisp-edged pancakes.

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marymary February 1, 2016
Shrimp at fav'rite haunt
Fried in oil, God knows how old
So good, I tempt fate
Tammy D. January 31, 2016
Take the streetcar there.
Guys in bowties make you smile
serving comfort food.
Barbara January 30, 2016
No do Haiku? How's this...
Wipers slowed with ice,
road trip come to dusk
gnawing cold and hunger
quelled by diner’s brassy lights.
kathie January 30, 2016
How do the pancakes get the crispy edges? Is it the high heat of the grill or the grease they fry them in.
Marillenbaum January 30, 2016
Waffle House--hell yeah,
Smothered hash browns and hot coffee
Please avoid the drunks.
susan January 30, 2016
streets dark, diner bright.
silver stream with neon sign.
air thick with home fries.