Best Recipe with Paprika Video

October  9, 2009


Click the play button to see us prepare the two finalist recipes for Your Best Recipe with Paprika: Hungarian Meatballs by Bogre and Smoky Fried Chickpeas byAliwaks. Watch A&M demonstrate a safe way to cut hot peppers, and yell at chickpeas. Just another day at the office...

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fffolly October 16, 2009
Love the kitchen tips -- using plastic wrap as a glove in a chile-seeding pinch and breaking the tomatoes' fall into the pan with a spoon.
Rhonda35 October 11, 2009
Helen - headphones are fine and, yes, I can do that, however, my point is that I shouldn't have to crank my speakers or wear headphones - Amanda and Merrill need to speak up - if I wanted to watch one of the videos and cook along with them, for example, it would be tough to do that while connected to the computer by headphones. Maybe there is a way you can hook up a microphone closer to where they are. They make so many funny asides and I hate to see them getting missed due to volume issues.
The videos are getting better and better - today I watched the first one and compared it to the latest one - wow! What a difference! Now, if we could just hear them........!
maryvelasquez October 11, 2009
Thanks for another informative video. Watching these is like professional development for my home cooking.
Rhonda35 October 10, 2009
I know I seem like a crazy deaf old nag, but, please, please, PLEASE don't keep making me ask you to SPEAK UP!!!!! We can't hear you! There are so many interesting tips and funny little exchanges that you two share, but no one can hear them! This is going to be my new campaign until you get it right. ;-) Now that I'm done complaining, yummo, both of those recipes look unbelievably delicious! Gram and I are going to make the meatballs pronto. xo
Helen October 10, 2009
Try watching the video with headphones on. I've found it makes a big difference! But I'll get on 'em about speaking up...