Canned Tomatoes, Our Pantry Hero, and 13 Ways to Use Them

April  5, 2016

The magic of preserving is almost never more apparent than when I open a can of tomatoes, soupy red summer in a stout tin can at any time of year. It makes tomato soup and tomato sauce and shakshuka (and shakshuka focaccia...) possible and removes the precariousness and delicacy and seasonality of tomatoes from the equation. No need for peeling! No need for blanching! No need to do anything except pour them, whole, from the can and smash them against the sides of the pot as they cook.

Keep a can of tomatoes on deck and a Marcella-sauced dinner (and many others) are within an hour's reach. Whatcha waiting for?

What's your best canned-tomato dinner? Tell us about it in the comments.

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  • Christina Dyer
    Christina Dyer
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    Lisa Brams Matras
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Christina D. August 22, 2016
What is everyone's most favorite brand of quality canned tomatoes? Would love to know which ones to look for!! Thanks :-)
Lisa B. April 6, 2016
Crumbled hot Italian sausage, garlic, deglaze w/Marsala. Add jarred pesto, then San Marzanos. Simmer a few minutes. Put over hot spaghetti topped with goat or feta.
Smaug April 5, 2016
I don't remember ever running across tomatoes in an aluminum can.
M April 5, 2016
Pizza with San Marzanos amped up with some garlic and herbs!