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Your Best Cup of Coffee Yet

April 25, 2016

We’ve got all kinds of coffee-making gadgets and mugs—plus plenty of tips!—for pouring (or pressing) your best batch yet, whether you’re into a featherlight, fruity cup of cold brew or something with a little more whiz-wham-bow in each sip.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Crazy for Cold Brew?

Photo by James Ransom
Photo by Rocky Luten

Maybe it's the way you slow-drip, maybe it's your glassy curves—but now that we've got our hands on you, Coffee Cold Brewer, all thoughts of watered-down hot coffee are a thing of springs past.

P.S. Spiking your cold brew with something refreshing (like cardamom!) will make it a whole new kind of wonderful. Here are two other directions to take it:

Get Your Press On

If you're looking for a coffee maker with extra character, may we recommend a ceramic press (complete with a so-cute-we're-crying copper topper?). Or maybe you're all business about your coffee, and want it piping hot for as long as possible—go double-walled, in that case (we've got them in 4 different sizes).

And if you'd rather make cocktails than coffee, we support doing that in your French press, too:

The Big Drippers

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Drip coffee has come a long way from rumbly machines that spat and sputter: With the Chemex, and pour-over toppers that sit right on your cup or pitcher, making coffee can be more relaxing than staying in bed.

You're going to want some hot water to go with that:

How Do You Brew?

When our software engineer volunteered to make coffee for Blue Bottle's founder, James Freeman, she pretended to be nervous (but we knew better).

Buds for Your Coffee Bar

Beans, scoopers, cutie-patootie creamer cups, and mugs will make this whole coffee thing go a little bit smoother.

Get Your Daily Fix

Our best coffee-inspired tips go beyond basic techniques (from what to do with leftover brew to the curious ingredient that is coffee flour):

Can't Stop? Don't Want to Stop?

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