11 Ways to Celebrate the Chickpea, Humble Lunchtime Savior

April 25, 2016

Creamy and endlessly adaptable, sturdy and hearty, inexpensive and flavorful, pantry standby for vegans and carnivores alike: Where would we be without the chickpea? For such a humble bean, it pulls its weight, and at no hour is this clearer than at noon, when it's time for lunch.

Add to the chickpea's accolades that it's quick to prepare (especially if you made a big batch of dried chickpeas ahead of time, or canned chickpeas are more your style) and extremely well-behaved in transit (good at room temperature, easy to pack) and it'll keep you full through the afternoon. And then make one of these chickpea-centric, lunch-ready recipes and find 11 more reasons to sing the garbanzo's praises:

What's your go-to chickpea lunch? (Tossed with a little vinegar and some chopped cucumber? Oven-roasted?) Tell us in the comments.

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