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Everything You Need to Throw 3 Easy Spring Dinner Parties

April 27, 2016

The spring dinner party: so dreamy in theory, so weirdly elusive. It's hard to nail everyone down, harder still to host on a weeknight, and all of this starts to feel like the antithesis of the platonic ideal of spring—which is supposed to be sunny, downy with blossoming trees, drenched in rosé! Certainly not complicated.

Well. We can't promise you cherry blossoms. But we can give you a few easy-to-pull-off dinner party menus, plus all the tools and special touches to make them feel as dreamy as you were hoping they might.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Party 1: All! The! Spring! Produce!

What's for dinner: Green things, green things, green things! Just add rosé.
The fun stuff: A little whimsy, a lot of grace.

Party 2: Fancy Cocktails, Many Snacks

What's for dinner: Sometimes you just want snacks for dinner. Make more than you think you'll need.
The fun stuff: Funky cocktail napkins and statement bowls.

Party 3: Is It Summer Yet or What?

What's for dinner: Big, sunny flavors, to be eaten outside.
The fun stuff: Tools to make the backyard even more of a go-to dinner spot.

What are your best weeknight dinner party tips? Share them (and what you serve!) in the comments.

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Laura R. May 23, 2016
Yes! Where are those rose glasses from?
Caroline L. May 23, 2016
hi laura! unfortunately, they're vintage. sorry i can't be of much help!
sraymond54 May 5, 2016
Where did you get the adorable wine glasses in the photo?
Caroline L. May 23, 2016
hi sraymond54—they're vintage!