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Our (Not)Recipes App Has Some Brand-Spankin'-New Features

June  1, 2016

When we launched our (Not)Recipes app, we did it with the goal of generating kitchen inspiration in a new way—or, well, in the way we usually cook: without a recipe.

We've been inspired by how you've been cooking on the app every day since then. You've taught us how to tend to sourdough starters, to hack kitchen tools, to grow microgreens in old strawberry cartons, to make giraffe-inspired (!) bread. It doesn't get much better than giraffe-inspired bread.

But we also knew our app could get even better, so our mighty app team of one has been hard at work on new features ever since (he also welcomed a child into the world at the same time—he's been busy!).

Up to your eyeballs in radishes? (Not)Recipes' new ingredient search has you covered. Photo by Mark Weinberg

Here's what's new over on (Not)Recipes (well, all this and a new app contest for all your grilling endeavors):

  • Search by ingredient. Found a baggie of last spring's rhubarb in the freezer, and don't know quite what to do with it? Search "rhubarb" and borrow some ideas from the community. Someday, we'll be able to search in other ways too, but we felt being able to search for one star ingredient would be the most helpful feature to start with (that we could bring you the fastest).
  • Link, link, link. Cooking doesn't always happen in a straight line. Maybe you tried out one pie dough recipe, but got the inspiration for the filling someplace else, and then you used a super-helpful step-by-step guide to roll out the dough. You can share the links to all of those different sources right in your post.
Inspired by a baked pasta recipe you saw? (Share the link!) Photo by James Ransom
  • See who favorited your (Not)Recipes. Look at you, racking up all those ❤s on your cooking! Until now, you couldn't check at anytime if one of them came from Nigella Lawson—now, you can. (Don't forget to return the favor!)
  • Regret nothing. Sometimes we make typos, or forget ingredients, or choose the photo that doesn't show off our steamed artichoke's best side. Now (by popular demand!) you can delete the (Not)Recipes that you want to do over. And stay tuned—someday, you'll be able to edit (Not)Recipes, too.
Ta-da! (Not)Recipes is now truly iPad-friendly. Photo by Bobbi Lin
  • (Not)Recipes, meet iPad. For those who like to cook with an iPad by their side, our app now looks a whole lot spiffier on them and multi-tasks with other apps at the same time.

Your feedback is crucial! Keep it coming, and we'll keep making (Not)Recipes better and better.

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Skylar June 1, 2016
Yep, Android needs to be shown some love too! :(
zephyr050 June 1, 2016're not interested in those of us who use Android??
ShaneRS June 1, 2016
HonGDB June 1, 2016
Hey! Great new feature? How about developing the app for the majority of people in the world--ie, for Android. The world is actually not all white affluent Americans who don't care or know what's under the hood of their magical status symbols. You'd think with his past expertise, VP Rosaen could tell the rest of you that.
702551 June 1, 2016
It's worth noting that Food52's current business model is to drive readers to their online shop -- their main revenue stream.

Since this online shop only ships to US addresses, it is reasonable for Food52 to decide to focus on the US readership and the demographic who is likely to purchase something at the store which is indeed likely to be users of iOS-powered devices.

Moreover, study after study show iOS users to be more affluent and more likely to spend money over Android users, both for things like online content and apps as well as online retail. Even developers of paid apps (this Food52 is a freebie) have consistently documented much higher revenue from the iOS platform over other platforms both in revenue per app download as well as total revenue (despite Android's much larger user base). In many cases, revenue from iOS users is 5-10 times greater than Android.

But since their main revenue stream comes from retail sales, the question that should really be asked is "What is Food52 doing to expand retail sales to non-US destinations?"

Note that the Food52 editors have previously noted that there is *ONE* person writing apps for Food52 and the decision was made to address the smartphone platform that drove the highest number of users to this site (presumably after looking at server access logs).

Disclaimer: I am an owner of an iOS device but I have never used a Food52 app on it.